How to play – Useful Help Here

If you have spent a lot of time to study or to work during a day, you certainly want to have some types of entertainment such that you can relax yourself. If you want to have this type of entertainment, you should try to find information about how to play bad ice cream. Bad ice cream is one of the funny games that you could find in the internet world in recent years so you should not miss this valuable chance to play the game.

The objective of this game is that you should try to eat the ‘fruits’ appearing in the computer screen. You would be assigned with a character or an icon in the game. Then, you are going to move this icon around and ‘eat the fruits’.

At the very beginning of the game, you have to choose the mode. If you are going to play with your own, you can choose the one player mode. If you want to play with your friend, you can choose to have 2 players mode. This would probably be the maximum number of people allowed to play the game at the same time so you may not be able to play with many of your friends for the same game.

There are different levels for you to select and enjoy the game. If you wish to play some of the advanced levels, you would usually be required to pass the previous levels first. This shows that you need to work hard continuously in order to win the game.

In the two-players mode, you would be able to control the first player with the arrow keys and the remaining one could be controlled by the WASD keys. This control command would be similar to the normal games that you can play online so it would not cause inconvenience to you. The first player can use the SPACE key to shoot some of the balls while the second player can use the F key to do the shooting. The shooting is important because you would need to break the blocks which hinder you from reaching the fruits. You would be like being put into an area with a lot of these blocks which would block your way. With the shooting, you can break them and even obtain some of the helps which can let you finish the game easily.

Since the bad ice cream game is a timed one, you need to take your time. When you break some of the blocks, you may find that there are awards for you. For example, you may have time extension by breaking some of the blocks. When the levels are advanced, there would be more blocks that you have to go through in order to eat all the fruits so you should make the good use of these time extension tools to extend the time that you can play the game.

In conclusion, bad ice cream is one of the innovative games that you can consider playing if you want to take a rest from your busy life.