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The Best Bad Ice Cream Strategy Guide

Ice creams are not just great desserts. It could also be a great game for online gamers. If you haven’t heard of Bad Ice Cream yet, then it’s about time to try the game out especially if you are bored at the office or taking a break from your regular schedule. Bad ice cream is a unique game much like the old bomber man and pac man that we all love. Bad Ice Cream is created by game maker Nitrome. Bad ice cream is a one of a kind arcade puzzle game.

This guide will help you learn the basics of bad ice cream and also develop some techniques so that you can play better or successfully even winning the game (though I doubt it).

The story

You start off with choosing three frozen dairy bad ice cream that are ready to wreak havoc. Basically, they’re rebelling to the different animals trying to eat them. The way to do it is to collect fruits and they do these by spitting ice cubes to in order for them to get down to business. If you really are a bad ice cream, then you will find it easier to collect all the fruits and defy all the pesky animals roaming around on each stage.

The game

Once you choose which bad ice cream you are, whether you’re a chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, you can then start playing the game. You can also play two players on the game. The goal is to get all the various selections of fruits in each stage without getting hit or eaten by the roaming animals, which are obviously the adversaries. The keys used in bad ice cream are very simple. When you hit spacebar, your bad ice cream breathes out a straight row of ice blocks  if there are none, or if there are already ice blocks, the breathe destroys them.  What to watch out for? You should watch out for the rampaging bulls, ice-breaking squids, rolling log traps, bursting flames, and tunneling scoops. All these will try to stomp you into a puddle of sludge.

The technique to win

Basically, you’re only way to win is to stay as a frosty bad ice cream and avoid being meltdown through all forty levels. You might be easily fooled or distracted by the simple pixel graphics and joyful and melodic music, but the game is a challenge on its league. Yes, the first few levels are so underwhelming that you won’t notice the sudden progression of difficulty that you go off scratching your head asking, “What just happened?”  It gets a sudden difficulty surge at level 25 so be careful. Bad ice cream then gets pretty frustrating around level 30.

On later levels, make sure you make proper use of the special fruits that randomly gives effect on you and your surroundings. Mind you, it’s the only way to succeed on the levels. Getting a boost in speed is usually a favorite among players. Basically, there are clever level designs that you have to figure out how your movement speed can help you or proper ice block placement.

Why people love it

You might wonder why a lot of people find bad ice cream fun. Actually it’s not the graphics as you might have seen. It’s the challenge that they don’t get just from any traditional pac man game or the like. The bad ice cream game is certainly not for the frail hearts. 

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